Training and Evaluations

Preparing your mounted unit for every scenario

amusement park

When Duty Calls, will your Mounts be Ready?

Mounted units can be used in a variety of scenarios, from community policing meet and greets to patrol to civil unrest. Your mounted unit should be prepared to respond in top form, regardless of the assignment.

Mounted Resources can provide update training, remedial training, ongoing training and specialized schools. We can also help develop a mounted unit for those agencies looking to start one.


Evaluating Horse and Rider

Effective and low-liability mounted units consist of teams with the right mind set and frequent skill refreshment.

Mounted Resources can conduct evaluations of mounted candidates, mounted teams and potential mounts.


Training Mount and Rider

Trust and clear communication is a key factor for mounted teams in effective mounted policing. The Mounted Resources training philosophy focuses on both these aspects. Mounts learn to trust their riders and riders learn to communicate clearly to their mounts through the successful navigation of obstacles. Teams learn to function as a unit through formation drills.

Lead Instructor

Sergeant Rick Wagner (Ret), Garden Grove PD

Sgt. Rick Wagner served 33 years with the Garden Grove Police Department in Garden Grove, California. His mounted assignments included civil unrest, professional sports events, stadium concerts, amusement parks, Presidential Protection Details and various festivals. Rick is a California POST (Peace Officer’s Standards & Training) Certified Mounted Instructor, and has also assisted departments in starting mounted enforcement units.   Read More »